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At Business Process Excellence Consulting,     we are working hands-on with companies to  improve processes, Quality Management,  reduce cost,  and achieve breakthrough performance improvements via business   process optimization and Lean Six-Sigma.
At Business Process Excellence Consulting we are customer focused and listen.  To best assist our clientele, we utilize a detailed Business Process Assessment approach to identify key improvement opportunities and the best tools that will enable our clientele through our hands-on assistance achieve breakthrough performance improvements and significant cost reductions.
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Welcome to BPE Consulting LLC.
  Productivity 30% to 100+% 
  Lead Time  40% to   90+%
  Manufacturing/Product Costs 20% to   50+%
  Inventory 40% to   90+%
  Floor Space 20% to   50+%
  New Product Time to Market 30% to   50+%
  Quality Costs 50% to   60+%
  Quality Improvement 20% to   95+%
As part of our hands-on consulting approach, we apply and train our clients and apply techniques, such as Business Process Optimization / Re-engineering, Quality Mgmt., C.I., Lean, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, Six-Sigma, and assist with the Lean Six-Sigma Management implementation.
It has been our experience that through the application of these techniques our clients can expect the following improvements:
(Source of improvement estimates is based on self-led projects, Womack: Lean Thinking, and other sources).
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Serving our clients in the Renewable Energy and related key Industries